When You’re an INFP


When you’re an INFP, you remember memories that never happened in real life. So detailed that you can smell the asphalt after the rain in that memory. You remember the depths of feelings you had only in your own world inside your head.

Your mind consumes time and space as creative muses, building upon what you can intake. Perfection is only attainable in our minds, and when we have those rare moments in real life where everything is perfectly how we imagine, it only feels like a dream.

You hesitate to build your life outside of your mind because you know you cannot control the outside like the world you hold only in your mind. You wander into these thoughts daily, drifting in and out of your real surroundings. They call us the ‘idealist,’ the ‘dreamer,’ but all we really want is to find the places we’ve been dreaming of, the world we have created in our minds. We thrive on finding common ground, finding similarities between every part of our lives and the world within, and this is what others don’t see about us.

Our memories are always a blur between real events and ones we only experience in our minds, fabricated from fragments of our reality that we have collected from fleeting moments throughout our lives.

Our greatest asset is our imagination. An INFP can look out a window in Manhattan, watching the winter storm brewing in the distance, menacing one the city’s horizon and will not think things such as “Will we be safe?” or “I better check the weather for the ride home.” No, they will be transported to a time and place in their mind with that same storm in the distance, but overlooking a cracked desert. Was it a memory? Was it a fabrication? Was it a combination? Not even the INFP will know.

If all INFP’s were to be given the privilege of traveling often, the best stories, the works of art, and music would be discovered in our minds and transferred to tangible sources for all to share.

A word to all INFP’s: Don’t suppress the feelings, don’t try to be realistic. This is your talent. Keep the world in your head. It’s the key to your happiness.



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