Taken by the Winds

When you’re following the winds all your life, you tend to be led off course. You wonder what it all means anyway. What is the meaning of the routine? It’s for your health? For your sanity? It’s as if we’ve chosen to be blind and are going with the wind no matter where it takes you.

At the same time, we resist our dreams because we are afraid that nothing will become of us. So we continue the routine of daily tasks.

You want to feel the sun warm my clammy skin and you want to gaze over the horizon as the sun falls towards the sea. you want to bury your face in the sheets in the morning and wake with the rising of the sun. You want to spend hours admiring God’s creations, walking paths in the forests, watching the clouds and trees follow the wind. You want to contemplate the meaning of each thought and feeling and how humans react. You want to be invisible, yet have a purpose.

Instead you’re trapped sitting here at a computer, fumbling over your words even when written. You’re searching for a new routine that can support your current lifestyle. You’re contemplating what you want to do with your life in a way that is set to this society because you feel like you have no choice. The spirit dies every time we are forced to fit this mold, but what can we do?

It’s a treasure in the back of your mind to remember simple times, to relive intense feelings in your memories. You remember way the skies turned an orange pink over the oceans. You remember the feelings of being comfortably alone in a sea of people in the market place. Yet these things are easily overlooked on a daily basis and you forget what you’re doing. You barely have time to think nowadays.



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