Completing My Capsule Wardrobe | YOINS Wishlist

As minimalism has started to take over my way of thinking, I’ve had the liberation of tossing all of my wardrobe and starting over with a capsule wardrobe. Over the past month, I’ve been collecting pieces that I can wear all through the spring and summer and match with other pieces I have easily. The main idea of the capsule wardrobe is that it is only pieces you love, no fillers, no “just because I bought it” pieces. So I’ve been slowly curating my closet and picking clothing items I love and would wear over and over again this spring and summer season.

Lately I’ve been finding some high quality but affordable pieces at YOINS, an online shop. The name YOINS apparently comes from “Your inspiration.”  They sell a lot of Tumbler-looking clothes, but I was able to find pieces that would definitely fit into my floral/cute style of wardrobe. There were so many cute dresses, tops and jewelry pieces that I liked, but these are my top three!

YOINS Wish List

Blue Floral Playsuit

If you follow my Instagram (@nicoc.o) you’ll know that right now I’ve been really into rompers and play suits. This cute YOINS blue bell sleeved romper is perfect for Texas summer weather (which seems to last until November), so I know I will get a lot of use out of it!

Minimalistic White Tee

The t-shirt on the top right is also a great staple to have in a Texas capsule wardrobe because it is loose and will match with shorts, skirts, and jeans. I think it will also be easy to layer, which is suuuuper important here.

Brown/Gold Choker Necklace

Lastly, my YOINS wishlist has to include a minimalistic gold necklace, because it is so timeless and perfect for the choker trend without being too noticeable. For my personal style (cute, girly, simple), I like to keep my jewelry clean and delicate.

All of the above mentioned items are also ON SALE right now, so be sure to check them out at YOINS, along with all of the other cute items the site has! One thing I love about them already is their great sale prices! 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out these items, so stay tuned for the unboxing and review!


My Fashion Wishlist | OOTD

It was a rainy day here in Dallas area, and since I’ve officially run out of contact lenses, I had an off day of sorts. 

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my glasses, which are gold Jones New York frames from, but I’m just not 100% comfortable with wearing glasses as my main “eyes” because my eyesight is literally terrible. When I tell people that, they say, “oh me too, I know what you mean, it’s totally normal.” But then when I ask what their power prescription is and they tell me it’s a -3.5, they are shocked when I tell them that mine’s a -9.5. And they’re even more shocked when I tell them -16 is legally blind. Anyway, whenever I wear glasses, it feels like I’m wearing binoculars, no matter how thinned the lenses are, so glasses days become casual days by default. 

Here’s my #OOTD I took in the mall, and I’m not even self conscious because I can’t see anyone looking at me trying and failing to pose! Jacket and jeans are F21, of course, purse is Coach, and my shopping bag is my new favorite store, Artizia. 

I’ve always wanted to become a minimalist style because it requires only key pieces that are timeless and can work together no matter the outfit. So I’ve developed a minimalist Wishlist from Artizia.

My Minimalist Fashion Wishlist

1. Light Wash Jeans


2. A good leather jacket


3. Quality t-shirts….

A white….

….and a black, of course.


4. Some classic styled dresses.

A loose and flowy one….


… And a form-fitted A-line dress.

5. A straight pencil mini.


6. An A-line skirt. I love this style of skirt so much, if you didn’t notice!


7. And lastly, a good pair of leggings. Because it seems popular in Dallas.

Out of this list, the item I bought was the leggings. I’m hoping to acquire the rest soon. Ha!

Hope you enjoyed this minimalist wishlist!