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Forever 21

Romper (similar here) – Forever 21 | Bag – Coach | Shoes – Naturalizer


Green is one of the colors I have been told to avoid, as my skin tone has a reddish warm to nuteral undertone. But here I am, parading around in this green pastel romper! Haha!

Forever 21 will always been my go-to for affordable outfits, and this is no exception. Rompers are just so easy. Like dresses, they are an all inclusive outfit. The only downside is going to the bathroom is a chore in these, as you have to literally get completely naked just to use the toilet. But it’s worth it!

I was a little tipsy during this shoot, I have to admit. I guess that’s why I look so happy though?



OOTD | The Elephant Dress

OOTD: Tunic Dress – The Elephant Pants ( sold out since they were on Shark Tank, but many other similar pieces sold on their site )




Texas can’t make up its mind on whether winter is done. These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago, when we went to Rockwall, and it was summer weather, up in the high 70’s, low 80’s  (okay, I know that’s not summer for Texas, but for a native Pennsylvanian, that’s summer!). But of course, now in March, it’s back down in the 40’s. Makes a lot of sense, eh?

This tunic dress was so perfect for the breezy cool wind on that hot day, though. I can’t wait to wear it more often! And yes, The Elephant Pants just appeared on Shark Tank a week ago, and no, I didn’t  buy this dress because of Shark Tank! I actually heard about this company through a friend, and I fell in love with their designs. Most of the clothes they sell is very colorful, but I opted for this dress because it would match more accessories. The material is well-made, and part of the profits for this dress are donated to help elephants in need in Thailand. It’s also perfect for the relentless Texas sun because it covers a lot of skin (hence less burning) and is still very breezy and breathable.

Lately, I’ve been trying to organize my life and try to be at peace with myself, and one of the things I decided to do was to take up a capsule wardrobe.  Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe made for a season that is only the best pieces that you would always wear, the ones that give you confidence when you wear them. Think about it, how many times do you put on an outfit in a rush and then when you get out of the house, you just feel like shit because it wasn’t the greatest combination or you’re wearing something that makes you feel insecure? The capsule wardrobe prevents those situations. You should be able to pull out any outfit and have it match and feel confident. This means buying things that fit your personal style, buying things that you will actually use, and also things that are of high quality.

For the next few posts, I will be featuring my capsule wardrobe. I threw out almost everything (ok, I donated it), and started over. This dress was one of the first pieces in the wardrobe for Spring/Summer.

What do you think of the concept of the capsule wardrobe? Be sure to check out the colorful and beautiful pieces from The Elephant Pants!


xo Nicoco

OOTD: When the City Makes You Rude

img_5837 img_5840 img_5842 img_5844 img_5846

OOTD: Dress & cardigan – Forever 21 | Bag – Zara | Shoes – White Mt. | Watch – Apple

MOTD: Foundation – Urban Decay | Setting Powder – Tony Moly | Blush – Benefit | Brows – Daiso | Lashes – Maybelline | Lips – Chanel




Small town girl, wishing to be a city girl, but doesn’t realize the consequences of living in a city include finding a new side of her that she didn’t know she had. This is the beginning of my bold and rude side that came out when I had lived here for a few months.

Dallas is a stretch of never-ending city. An urban sprawl. And with it comes the bold, the rude, the people who do not care.

As a small town girl, I was promised a friendly state of people, but forgot that I was moving to a city. I take back what I said before about Pennsylvanians being rude – they are rude in their own way, but city folk are definitely more rude!

So here are the top ways that I have become bolder, ruder, and more outspoken here in the city.

1.) Driving

Driving here is not for the weak, the indecisive. You must think and act quick. At first I was so angry that I was getting cut off almost every single day driving, but you get used to it and you start doing it to other people. The lane is randomly turning into a turing lane only? You have to assert yourself into the other lane! The light here is only 3 seconds long and there’s 500 people waiting? You HAVE to speed through! It’s insane learning how to drive here. I feel like I’ve become those NYC/Boston/NJ drivers that I used to despise!

2.) Speaking my mind, even when I previously would have found it not appropriate.

People are going to screw you over here. This is just how it is. In the inner city, people will harass you for money for a train ticket. You have to say no and walk away. People will treat you badly when you need an issue resolved in a store or in a customer service situation. You have to say things you didn’t want to say because sometimes, being polite isn’t going to work here. I used to be the quiet girl who didn’t want to offend anyone, but lately I’ve been surprising myself.

The “wine expert” at Central Market insults me when I ask for a particular type of wine, I automatically am rude to him. Good? No, probably not. Conditioned for this response. Yes, completely. One good thing coming out of this is my combined phone skills with now my “boldness” has gotten me what I wanted from customer service with different companies.

3.) Not caring about what people think of me.

I used to care about being polite. When someone cut me in line in a store in PA, which was rare, by the way, then I would just let them. Now because it happens SO OFTEN, I will just walk right in front of them. Because chances are they aren’t going to say anything anyway. I think the constant heat also contributes to the lack of polite people in this city during the summer. Overall, the heat makes me angry, which in turn makes me just stop caring about how people look at me because I’m too annoyed to care.


It’s not Texas that made me “rude,” but the city that did it. City living really does toughen you up, and to some my area of Dallas may not be considered a “city,” but the small town Central PA girl in me thinks that North Dallas is a city because it’s part of the urban sprawl. I think Texans are in general kind and friendly, but the mixture of heat and the constant migration of out of state people really does effect the behavior. You have to be firm and assertive to live in any city, and Dallas is no exception!

Thankfully, I can still look like a gentle and polite girl with floral dresses like this. I try my best to still keep myself well-dressed, and Forever 21 has always been my go-to for affordable and cute outfits. I’m a simple girl, ok?


Summer Dresses









OOTD: Dress – Forever 21 | Bag – DKNY | Shoes – Report




Shift dresses are a great way to hide your weight gain. But the one problem I’ve had with this one is feeling also like a drape. I started wearing a belt with it, but then it’s so short! I think really the only solution is to actually try harder to get back to my health body.

But the outfit is still cute, right? It’s floral, flowy, and perfect for this (still) hot weather. I have this reoccurring problem where I wear very summery clothes to work and then freeze to death in the A/C there. I swear its not normal. Everyone in the office is wearing jackets and blankets, yet the A/C blasting persists. Office life, I guess.

So I’ve been just praying for it to get colder, which I never thought I’d do, because then I won’t have to chose between freezing or melting. And actually this the first time in a long time where I am actually EXCITED for fall! I always hated fall and winter in PA because I had really bad seasonal depression. But here in autumn, the skies are blue and bright, but the temperatures are very reasonable. We don’t have the beautiful colors that PA has, but we do have a very temperate season that lasts quite a long time.

As for the winter, I think I’m actually excited because I hope it will be snowing in PA when I go back to visit. I miss it. But I know I wouldn’t want to live in a cold climate for a while because it gets old after about a week. The people down here who either moved here a long time ago or grew up here in Texas say they want to move up north to experience the snow, and I just laugh because I know they will get tired of it quick, just like how I’ve gotten tired of the summers here pretty quick.

x Nicoco

OOTD: I Can’t Always Have it Together







OOTD: Dress – Target | Sandals – Calvin Klein | Bag – Thrifted | Necklace – Forever 21





I think it’s mostly because I feel uncomfortable looking put together, but I can’t seem to be put together most of the time. Ever since I destroyed my hair, it’s been crazy messy even though I cut it in April. I like to think of it as a reflection of my life: messy but still working for me.

I might be stuck in between wearing pigtails with ripped jeans and wearing straight short hair with a pencil skirt, and I thought it might be due to my age, but I’m starting to think it’s just who I am. I’ll be late to meetings (or not even show up because I forgot), but I’ll do all my work diligently. I’ll eat healthy all day but then drink half a bottle of wine in one go. It’s a contradiction, but maybe it’s also my version of balance?

Either way, I’m still trying to be healthier, trying to be more organized, trying to get things together. I hope this year will be the year I can find some control with my messiness. Yet there will always be a part of me holding on to it because it’s part of who I am.



Attempting Escape

A calm dull sky filled with a million white glittering flakes. The air so cold you can’t breath. The trees around you look like menacing shards of wood sticking up from the ground. And for a moment the world is completely silent.

It sounds beautiful.

Winter is the night of the year’s seasons. It wakes me up to the darkest parts of my mind, as does the night. Maybe that’s why I’m afraid of it. I’m afraid of what I might find if I live through another wintry wasteland.

Because maybe I’ll find that my life is far from perfect. Maybe I’ll find that I’m chasing empty dreams. Living for nothing. Maybe I want to continue to believe that there is more than this in life.

In every analysis of my personality, I find that escapism is how I deal with problems.  I want to escape the winter. I want to live in the summer forever. In summer, the sun masks the fear during the day, and when night falls, the lights gleam and people roam the streets. It’s a friendly season. People are out and life seems less lonely.

I want to believe that atmosphere can change the mind. Surroundings are reality. If you are unhappy with your life, change your reality. Change your surroundings.

I don’t know if that will make things better anymore. But I want to try.

And if it turns out the summer is not the solution, maybe one day I will return to the frozen tundra.


Almost Summer

Summer is just around the corner and I’m so happy I can stop wearing pants now. 

Every time wear this dress, I feel free. The flowy skirt is perfect for warmer weather. 

Lately I’ve also been really into curling/waving my hair. I twist it into a bun before I sleep and I wake up with curls. 

I’m not sure what this summer has in store, but I do know that this is the last summer here before we move. 

OOTD: Dress from Dina Be, clutch from Coach, shoes from yard sale 

Street Walking

I’m not very good at taking ootd photos, but since I would like to post more of my outfits, I had my sister take the pictures. She’s interested in photography, and you’ll see, she’s also good at it!

Today the outfit is pretty thrifty: 
Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Easy Spirit
Bag: Calvin Klein
Sunnies: Guess

The pants are very comfortable, almost comfortable to be sleeping pants. As long as it is worn with a dressier top and shoes, it won’t look like just walked out of bed.

I know it’s no longer summer, but this is a bit summery, isn’t it?

This is my favorite bag at the moment! It has so much room, and a lot of pockets, making it perfect for work.

Speaking of work, this is also an outfit that would be ok for the office, which is a plus since in there most of the time.

My sister found this interesting biker art piece and insisted that I pose with it. I think the yellow really stands out! I love the result.

I’ve been stuck on red nails for the time being, mostly because I think it fits my skin tone the best.
And lastly, my hair is so long now that I can almost sit on it! Thanks to the protein shake I’ve been drinking for the last few months, I have really healthy hair.