Green Spring | OOTD

Forever 21

Romper (similar here) – Forever 21 | Bag – Coach | Shoes – Naturalizer


Green is one of the colors I have been told to avoid, as my skin tone has a reddish warm to nuteral undertone. But here I am, parading around in this green pastel romper! Haha!

Forever 21 will always been my go-to for affordable outfits, and this is no exception. Rompers are just so easy. Like dresses, they are an all inclusive outfit. The only downside is going to the bathroom is a chore in these, as you have to literally get completely naked just to use the toilet. But it’s worth it!

I was a little tipsy during this shoot, I have to admit. I guess that’s why I look so happy though?



Wild, Love, Dream

It’s been rough these past couple of weeks, and rough times call for comfy clothes. 

While I am getting ready for that summer weather, it’s been surprisingly cold out here in Dallas. Well, cold for the spring. I picked up this super cute and comfortable sweatshirt from Rue21 in Frisco. Paired with shorts, it’s a good layered spring outfit. 


Being able to let go of weights that hold me down had been my biggest help lately. I’ve added a few new additions to my indoor plan family. 

We also went outside the city this weekend to visit a friend. It was peaceful and inviting. 

And I’ve been keeping up with my art too:

Mandalas take up a lot of your focus and allows you to let go of negativity. I find it meditative. 

My last piece of update is my phone. I traded in my 6s for an SE. I’ve been waiting for this moment for literally two years, and finally I’ve got my smaller phone back. It’s got the same specs as the iPhone 6s, but in the frame of an iPhone 5s. I’m just glad I can reach my thumb from one side of the screen to the other. 

I promise I’ll be more regular with content as these problems in my daily life sort themselves out. I’d love to do a post soon on food!


Sunny in Spring


OOTD: Dress – H&M | Bag – CK | Necklace – Piercing Pagoda




Throughout these stressful days, I’ve been doing many walks outside to desires myself. I’m one of those chronic worriers who worries about not worrying when I have nothing to worry about. Being outside and exploring really takes my mind off of things. I think it’s important to forget about problems for a while so you can have a fresh mind to come back to it when you can take action. 

Living up to my less is more motto (when it comes to clothes anyway…), I’m trying to wear dresses and airy clothes to help with the fact that I can’t feel good about myself in tight layers anymore. It’s just not flattering lol

Pray for me as I go through these next few days and into April. I know a storm is coming.