Dior Rouge Lipstick Swatches (555 Dolce Vita and 250 Bal)

Dior Rouge lipstick is probably one of the holy grail lipsticks for dry lips, as is the Chanel Rouge Coco line and the YSL Volupte Shine. I actually found this lipstick in a Japanese magazine when I was looking for pinks. I had been wearing the MAC Cosmetics “Cosmo,” which is an amplified formula, but I wanted to find a similar shade in Dior, because the shade was so similar to my natural lip. I think I have finally found my “my lips but better” shade.

Dior Rouge Lipstick Swatches

Before I review, please note the following regarding my skin type:

Skin Shade: Fair

Skin Type: Oily

Acne: Prone to hormonal areas (jawline, chin, mouth)

Lip Color: Light Muave

Lip Type: Dry

Dior Rouge Bal Lipstick #250 Lip Swatch
Dior Rouge Lipstick Swatches

Dior Rouge in the color Bal #250 is my most recent “my lips but better” shade. It is very pink, more on the nude side than a true pink, but still very pink for most people. Since my natural lip color is more mauve than nude, it does come out to almost the same color as my lips. I think what makes Dior one of my favorites is the formulation. It is moisturizing, glides on smoothly, and best of all…. it fades well! I hate it when I have a great color on and it fades and suddenly I look like I woke up from a party the next morning, smudges all around the edges of my lips and the center chapped and bare. This one doesn’t do that.

Dior Rouge Dolce Vita #555 Lip Swatch

Dior Rouge Lipstick Swatches

Dolce Vita #555 is basically the darker, more vibrant pink version of Bal. Seriously, I first bought this lipstick thinking this would match my lips but nope, way too bright. I think anyone who wants to do the Korean styled lips could definitely use this color to pull it off. The formula is the same as Bal, and it does also fade well on my lip color.

One other thing I like about these lipsticks is the reapplication throughout the day is seamless. They fade after about three hours, but once reapplied, it does not dry or cake on the lips. I find that even just applying most of the color to the center part of my lips and blending it out with my finger is enough to give my lips a good amount of color because these are very pigmented.

Dior will definitely be in my top lipsticks for dry lips! Since I have dermatophagia, I still sometimes bite my lips and these still stay on through all of the abuse. That’s enough to get me hooked!


Cargo Eyes | Review

I never wear eyeshadow. My eye shape is too hooded to make a difference. But even so, there has been a trend going on for years for a subtle color on the top inner corners and below the eyes that I wanted to start adding to my make up routine. 

I’ve been getting Birchbox for two months now, and this time, they sent me an eyeshadow palette from Cargo Cosmetics. It’s from the Land Down Under palette.

The darker shade is a matte purply-brown (Ferry), and the lighter shade is a shimmery gold (Beach). Perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. 

It’s so subtle, but it enhances my eyes. That’s why I like make up. I’m not particularly one to wear make up as an art form, or to cover up anything. I just want to bring forth my good features and make my skin tone even. 

I’ve been using this eyeshadow almost everyday, and while it does wear off without a primer, it wears off with grace, if you know what I mean. It lasts about five hours without a primer. With a primer, I don’t know because I don’t own an eye primer at the moment. 

You can achieve this simple look with the Land Down Under palette at Birchbox.com. 


Zenna Thai and Japanese | Review

On Friday nights, nowadays I just stay in and sulk about not having anything to do. I try to stay in the other nights, but Friday night just seems like I should be out doing something. For an introvert, I do like to put myself in crowds and then hide in the sea of bodies. But every bar or club is expensive and frankly, not worth the experience. Maybe it would be more fun if I were a young 21 year old single girl, but I’m not. And so most Friday nights I spend drinking at home.

But recently we found a great hang out spot here in North Dallas called Zenna. We had been to the location in Plano, Texas, but it was alright. But the location here in Carrollton is awesome! Like all of the Zenna locations, they have an everyday happy hour from 3 PM to 7 PM. The happy hour includes many food items as well as pretty much all of the drinks. I got a glass of wine for $3 and a long island iced tea (a strong one!) for only $3 as well. The quality is good, and they don’t skimp on the alcohol in their mixed drinks.

The happy hour food menu is great because they have a variety of Thai and Japanese appetizer-sized dishes that you can choose. Each one is between $1 to $5.  Based on past experience, I would say to order mostly Thai food because the Thai dishes were significantly better than the Japanese dishes.


Above is the spicy tamarind wings. You get 5 pieces for $4.50.

Their tom kha was delicious. This was actually on the regular menu, but it was also affordable at price of $5.


You must get the chicken satay here. It’s not completely authentic, but it tastes great, so who cares? And it’s only $3!
Zenna For dessert, we ordered the Thai mango and sticky rice. It was a great end to the many things we ordered that night.

The atmosphere was a real deciding factor because they somehow manage to keep it looking upscale with modern decor, while keeping the aura casual with TV’s around showing the sports games. We went on a Sunday night, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves while watching the football game.

It’s well worth visiting if you’re in the area, and at least now I have something to do on a Friday night, even if I do come home earlier than a party girl would. Besides, I’m getting too old for keeping up with that life.


Buda Juice | First Impression + Thoughts on Juicing

I really didn’t plan on going inside the store called Buda Juice. I’d seen the one before on Royal Lane in Dallas, and I remember thinking it was so strange that there was just a person sitting in the minimalist bright room with windows on both sides, and a single slide glass refrigerator built into the wall behind them. I was intimidated. So I didn’t go in that time.

Buda Juice Review

buda juice

But this time… my husband and I had just finished a very disappointing and fattening meal at the restaurant nearby, and we were strolling through the shops, looking for something to cheer us up. My husband knows I like juices, so he kindly let me walk by Buda Juice, where I lingered by the display table outside the shop. A woman emerged from her seat inside and asked if we wanted to sample the juices. We were able to sample almost everything, and I was impressed on the taste of each one.


She was very nice, and I was able to pick up a small bottle of the apple/lemon/cucumber juice. It was refreshing, tart, sweet, and bitter at the same time. I love that type of taste. Most of all, it tasted real.

Juicing is a great supplement for those who want to reset their diet, lose weight, or just stay healthy. I had a juicer before, but it was bulky and hard to clean. Not to mention, the produce is expensive. Because for a cup of juice, you can’t just get one fruit and one vegetable. You have to get a bag of them. And it adds up. Buda Juice sells their bottles for varying prices, due to different sizes and different ingredients. Considering everything is organic, I think my bottle’s price of $7.00 is fair.

Your body is able to immediately absorb the nutrients from vegetables that have been juiced. It is a great way to supplement your diet.

Buda Juice is great for the person who needs a treat, or is on the run. Juicing at home is ideal, but I recommend getting a Vitamix or a high quality juicer if you do it at home, to avoid complications. If you’re out and you really want something that tastes refreshing, maybe something sweet without being fattening, go for Buda Juice.

I’ll be going back. If you bring your empty Buda Juice bottle back, they will give you one dollar off your next juice! For the time being, Buda Juice is only in Dallas, TX (and I believe there is a store opening in Canada?). So if you’re in the area, be sure to try their juice!

Lip Product Review: MAC Velvet Teddy VS Spirit

The nude lip look is very in these days, but I have the nude lipsticks mostly because my lips are stubborn and other colors refuse to stay. I’ve had MAC’s Velvet Teddy lipstick for a couple of months now, and I had been looking for a less dry version of it, and so I picked up Spirit. A lot of people online said that Velvet Teddy was very similar to Spirit, so here’s my take on that opinion.

Velvet Teddy vs Spirit

Velvet Teddy is a beautiful shade, but it is a matte formula. Out of the MAC matte lipsticks, Velvet Teddy is definitely not as drying as some of the shades, for some reason, but it is still somewhat drying. Spirit is a satin finish, making it a little bit more hydrating, but not as creamy as the amplified or cremesheen formulas.

Velvet Teddy vs Spirit

The colors are both a nudy-pink with a significant brown undertone. I love colors like this because they are flattering on any skin tone really. For light skin, it brings out the dynamic of the fairness in the skin; in darker skin, it makes the lips also stand out and brings out the warmth in the skin. I love it, and that is my favorite type of nude lip. As you can see below, they are not identical in color. The top right color is Velvet Teddy; the bottom left color is Spirit.

Velvet Teddy vs Spirit

This is Velvet Teddy. You can see how it looks a bit drying on the lips, but the color is definitely the closest to “my lips but better.”

Velvet Teddy vs Spirit

This is Spirit. In the photos it looks more brown but in person it comes out much more mauve on my lips for some reason. I like it for the fact that it is not as drying, but I think the color of Velvet Teddy is better. They are so slightly different. From a distance, you probably could not tell the difference to be honest!

Velvet Teddy vs Spirit

Overall, these two are my favorite MAC lipsticks so far. Both are very nice colors, very similar. My best advice is to have it swatched on your own lips if you live near a MAC store, because I thought that Spirit would look less mauve on my lips because the swatches online look so similar to Velvet Teddy. The best way to know is to go in store. But hopefully this can help someone in their decision on their next MAC lipstick.


MAC Mocha and Stripdown|Lip Product Review

I do like MAC lip products the best. There is a significant quality difference in some of the shades from drugstore brands. However, I’ve realized only the nude shades blend well into my lips. Lately I picked up two nude shades to try.

MAC lipstick

First is the lipstick Mocha. It is a satin, and it glides right on like the other satins that I’ve tried. I really like the color: it’s a reddish brown that goes especially well with night time looks. This one actually doesn’t give me many problems as far as texture. I can pull this one off without having terribly dry lips.

ImageThe second product is a lip liner. Liners are quite drying by themselves, so although I wore it alone for this picture, I recommend using a lipstick or chapstick with it. It’s a bit on the brown side, but this liner goes well with the lip stick colors Honey love and Velvet Teddy. This liner I believe is also a classic Kylie Jenner liner.

I will continue to buy MAC products because the quality is quite good. But I’ve learned to stick with the nude shades. I haven’t figured out how to even out my lips with the brighter shades like Impassioned and Ravishing. I’m quite okay with nudes…. for now.


Tony Moly Lip Tints | Lip Product Review

When I moved to Dallas, I wanted to fit in with the many trendy Koreans who live here. And there is a Tony Moly store. So of course, knowing that Tony Moly is cheap and good quality, I picked up some lip tints that have been very popular here.tony moly lip tint
The Tony Moly Bam Bam Tint is special because there is one end with the tint on a sponge like applicator and the other end with a tint balm. They are meant to be used together, but I feel the tint comes out so strong that I usually just use the side with the tint balm. It wears off quickly, making it not ideal for all day use.

tony moly lip tint  tony moly lip tint
The two tints shown above are actually quite good. The main thing for me is my lips are dry and this definitely amplifies the dryness. I have patchiness as well, but I’m not sure if that is because my lips are scarred from biting. I like these nevertheless because the color is vibrant but not crazy, and it is very easy to apply.

I’ll keep using the Delight lip tints, but they are quite drying. Overall I would not buy them again.

~ Nicoco

Glasses USA | Review

My husband recently got his glasses from Glasses USA.com and I wanted some new ones as well, so I went online and ordered.

glasses usa

I liked this design because it was similar to the Ulzzang style glasses. Glasses USA is quite impressive with their selection and wide range of prescriptions. My eyes are terrible. They say for someone with nearsidedness, the bad point is -4 and -16 is blind. Well, I’m -9.50. So I’m legally half blind. And the worst part about shopping for glasses for me is finding frames that will hold my lenses and paying ridiculous prices for slimming down the lenses. Usually with insurance I pay around $200 per pair. I only paid $97 for the BEST quality lenses, meaning glare resistant, super slimmed down, UV protection coating, scratch resistant, and a free prescription card. That was without insurance!

glasses usa

glasses usa

They are still coke bottle glasses, but compared to what I would have gotten without slimming, this is a miracle. The doctor once showed me how thick they would be without slimming. They would be almost an inch thick. Basically I would have to strap binoculars to my face. I am so happy with the price I paid for these glasses! They also have promotions running all of the time, so it’s easy to get discounts. The frames I got were on sale for under $40. That’s unheard of when buying glasses nowadays.

glasses usa

I am quite happy with the style I chose, and my husband says I look less “clueless” wearing them. Hmph.

glasses usa

Either way, I feel that I could wear these daily without regretting not wearing contact lenses. I just have to get used to putting on make up without contacts in!

glasses usa

For cheap and high quality, shop at Glasses USA.com! And I’m not sponsored… not popular enough for such a thing yet!


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream |Mini Review

Recently I picked up the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream because my regular Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream was too drying for Texas. Ever since I moved, my skin has been extremely dry, and the Cotton Fit bb just exaggerated the dryness on my face. I have previously used the Missha bb creams, and it had good reviews on Amazon, so I had high hopes for this one.

I have been favoring bb creams because they are moisturizing, have sunscreen and whitening properties in the foundation. They seem to work better on the skin as far as texture. And considering how lazy I am, I’m glad I can just use my fingers to apply it.

Missha Perfect Cover

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

It Missha comes in a pump form, which isn’t always the best packaging, but the Etude House one was also a pump, so I’m used to it. The screw caps are easier to control the product, but ehhh it’s alright to have a pump.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Here is my freaking scary bare face. My skin has gotten reddish since moving as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s eczema, since I had eczema in my ear. Sigh. Anyway, I have a lot of cystic acne scarring as well as redness, so I definitely need a foundation to even out my skin tone, and I like using bb creams because they are usually very breathable.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

It actually applies onto the skin grey! But don’t worry, after a few minutes, it blends into your natural skin tone.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Here’s the base make up finished! Missha is not full coverage like the Etude House bb, but it definitely evens out skintone and it’s much more hydrating.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Here’s when I was out. Lighting was a bit better here. I found that even though it’s more hydrating, it does not get oily as fast as other foundations and bb creams that I have used. And that is a very good plus because my skin is combination oily and dry, pretty much on the same areas, which makes no sense, but……

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

And lastly, the end of the day, it held up longer than the rest of my make up. I think this is going to be a re-buy!

PROS: Hydrating, natural looking, not oily

CONS: Not full coverage, only comes in 2 shades, both of which are light shades

Overall, I would give this product an 8.5/10! And I will definitely re-buy, unless I feel adventurous.


MAC Cosmetics Nude Lipstick Swatches

I suppose I’m kind of late on this, but I’ve recently gotten into MAC lipsticks. They last long and there are 150 + shades to choose from. MAC has been recognized as a world wide brand success in the cosmetic industry.

The real reason I suddenly was interested in the way my lips look is because of the beautiful Lily Mae Mac on Instagram. Look her up @lilymaemac if you want to see perfection.

Anyway. The MAC lipsticks I purchased recently are all nudes, mostly because Lily only wears nudes. They are great for an everyday natural look and pair well with done up eyes (even though I hardly ever wear eye shadow or eyeliner). I have three MAC swatches for you today, so hopefully if you’re thinking of getting a nude lippy, this might help you make your decision.

MAC Blankety Lipstick

This nude is very soft and true to a nude color. It’s the amplified formula, which means it feels like a cremesheen, but has more pigmentation than a cremesheen. It feels good on, but the color is very light. Not as light as MAC’s Myth or Creme De Nude, but definitely really light. I would say it looks best on fair skin. I feel it’s even a bit too light on my skin, and I’m about an NW15 in MAC shades, and that is already very fair.

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

Velvet Teddy is probably my favorite nude color so far. It is a matte wear, so it can be a little bit more drying than Blankety, but honestly I’ve never had any problems with it caking on my lips like other brands. It’s on the brown side of the nudes, and I love how it looks on my lips with my skin tone.

MAC Taupe Lipstick


Taupe is actually quite dark on me, so it shows up more with a reddish look rather than the nudy-brown that it is. This was my first MAC lipstick, and I bought it by the influence of Lily. I think this is more of a night-time lippy for my skin tone, just because it really does stand out. Taupe is a matte wear like Velvet Teddy. I think Taupe would be a great everyday wear for someone with darker skin.

Lastly, here are the swatches of each on my arm. From left to right: Taupe, Velvet Teddy, Blankety.

I like all of them, and I definitely will but other colors from MAC. I need a bright color in my life.