After much thought about what I wanted to do with my writing, I’ve returned. I was having a hiatus every few weeks because I had become unsure with what community I was diving into. I wanted to be in the fashion community, but the more I saw, the more I found myself hesitant to go deeper.
I have been writing on this blog for about two years, but recently early this year, I noticed my heart wasn’t in my writing anymore. I want to attempt to salvage this because my blog is my life. I wasn’t meant to write only about clothes, sales, and where to buy things. I do love reading those types of blogs because I want to know for myself, but I honestly don’t have a talent in shopping for good deals, or even pairing different pieces of clothing together! And I’m tired of pretending like I am. I don’t want to be mediocre in my writing; I want to write from my heart, because that’s how I can touch others.


In this industry, most of us go with trends. I also went with trends, at least in clothing and beauty. But I want to come out and speak about the truth finally. Not only in fashion and beauty, but also in the ever growing feminist undertone that seems to be creeping into the fashion and beauty industry. The social issues that impact the blogsphere are important because blogs and social media are some of the main drivers of opinion in today’s media. Most of the things I own I bought after discovering them from a blogger/vlogger or social media. And until recently, I also swallowed all of the lies fed to me about culture from the prominent figures in the blogsphere and social media. I want to turn away from the trends and find true and simple beauty in life.
I am still a dreamer. I still spend most of my time thinking about life. But I have changed my mind on a lot of things I thought I understood. I have been “red-pilled,” as they call it. I want to continue with my fashion and beauty posts, but also write a token story or topic linked to each one. Many people have told me to do beauty tutorials, but I rarely change my make up, even in photoshoots. The only thing I really change sometimes is the lipstick, because I was absolutely obsessed with finding the perfect lipsticks, but even now, I have found my go-to colors and I don’t think I’ll be buying new ones anytime soon. And I have tried so hard to write about only fashion, but I am just not excited enough to write something meaningful. I want to find purpose again in my writing. Because without it, how can anyone find value in the writing?
I want to dive deeper into some topics that I already write about, like beauty, fashion, self confidence, and healthy lifestyle practices. But I also want to explore new topics that interconnect with these, such as what feminism has become, how to reform the body positivity movement, race tensions and how it relates to the fashion/beauty industry, and how politics and culture are shaping our world today. As current events shape our culture, I want to give my take on what is happening, how we can preserve the parts that are slipping away, and how to adapt to the future.
While we live in a world full of deceit, it seems that we are always searching for genuine people. Hopefully you’ll follow me on my journey to becoming a better writer as well as a better person.

XO Nicoco

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You can never think about what you’re doing especially when it’s an expression. Feeling will always paint a better picture than technique. 

There is a sense of beauty in the loss of focus on the details. The colors form freely from the depths of the mind. 

Paying attention to what you are feeling right now rather than worrying about if you’re doing the task right or if you’re going to do it right will let your feeling come through. 

Life can be interpreted through so many different angles. It all depends on how it shines through for you. 

Creative Writing: A Moment of Thanks

You wake up slowly and see her sleeping soundly next to you. She’s everything you ever wanted, and you feel so lucky to have her here with you. Her skin is soft, her closed eyes look so relaxed. Her hair is fanned around her pillow and her arms are comfortably at her sides. It brings a smile to your face to see her sleeping like this because you know how hard it was to get to this point. 

Those jobs she had to take that were opposite to your schedule. The many late nights you spent together. The meetings with her parents. And all the summers you spent apart. 
You know in your heart you want her for the rest of your life. It’s just one of those things that makes sense, and not just in the moment; there is no doubt that however you may change, you’ll always love her. The sweet angel lying beside you. 
You pray that she will always be safe, always full of life. You want for her all of the happiness you can find in life. You feel compelled to give her everything you can give her. And because of it, you’re scared of what you could damage if you failed to provide and protect her. Because the worst thing that could happen is failing to make her happy. 
But in that moment before the sun has reached the window, that moment before she awakes and begins the routine of life, you just marvel in her essence and thank God for bringing her to you. 
And as you push a strand of hair behind her ear, she wakes and smiles lightly. 
What is love?

Thoughts: Music Part III

I have said it before, but it astounds me how true it will always be: music truly can tame and shape emotion.

It builds confidence, it locks in memories, it solidifies emotion with events in our lives.

Music can tear down any feelings and create feelings that did not exist before.

The creators of music can put a feeling or a dream into the piece, and the recipient can interpret it completely different and still appreciate it.

Though I do not like all songs or types of music, I do believe there is no such thing as “real music verses fake music.” All music is real.

But what is crazy to me is how it carries us through.

It can be the only thing that reminds us that there are other people out there, feeling the same feelings that we are right at this moment. 
Because sometimes you cannot rely on anyone.
But the notes will always carry you through.
You will realize there is so much more to this world than just the little circle of your life.
There are people doing amazing things everyday.
It reminds us that we can do that too.
And you will make it through.