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OOTD: Velvet Skater Dress- Forever 21 | Bag – Calvin Klein | Shoes – Report




I’ve really taken a liking to velvet and I’m glad it’s back in, because there’s just something about it that makes me want to wear it. It’s soft, shiny, sophisticated. I think it makes a great accent piece, and in this case, its the star of the show. Honestly, I like to keep my outfits simple, and this is about as simple as it gets. The velvet texture is the most valuable part of this look! Skater dresses, or A-line dresses, have always fit my inverted triangle body type the best. It flares just slightly at the hips, giving an illusion of wider hips, thus keeping my body in proportion.

Next week I’ll be traveling back east for the first time in over a year, and at first I was nervous, but I’m definitely ready. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with my family, hanging out with friends, and doing tons of outfit shoots with my younger sister, the previous photographer of my blog.

And that means I have to be “on-point” all the time there. Every outfit has to be photoshoot worthy. I’m excited to dress my best everyday like I used to!

I’ll definitely be incorporating more velvet into my outfits, so watch out for that!

xo Nicoco

OOTD: Winter Weekend

img_7683 img_7685 img_7687

OOTD: Top – Dress from Forever 21 that I cut into a shirt | Velvet skirt – Zara Kids | Leather-Tweed jacket – Forever 21 | Purse – London Fog




It’s kind of sad that this is what I consider winter now. Just wait, in a few weeks when I’m back up North all bundled in a heavy jacket and earmuffs, scarf and gloves, I’ll be reminded what winter is really like. I featured this skirt last year, but at the time velvet was not trending as much as it is now, so I thought I would bring it back! I love how it becomes an accent piece, making any plain outfit more edgy. I’ve been trying to find more velvet pieces, but it seems that it is very much an accessory type of fashion (eg. hair pieces, hats, bags).

Just wanted to quickly share an outfit inspiration post. I am working on a much longer post which should be out by Tuesday. It’s skincare related, so be ready!


xo Nicoco

Dressing Up for Yourself

img_7144 img_7147 img_7148 img_7150 img_7151 img_7152 img_7154 img_7159 img_7160 img_7161 img_7162 img_7166 img_7167

OOTD: Top – Target | Jeans – Forever 21 | Bag – Zara





This is a blog of a girl who is learning to pick up the pieces in a world of shattered dreams. The skewed perspectives of what was once reality, but sadly only in the mind. Trying to figure out how to not feel empty with human interaction when the picture of it was so much more alive in her head. Interpreting what it means to express oneself in a decent manner. Finding happiness in the smallest of actions, meaning in the most fleeting of moments, and understanding behind other’s actions as well as oneself.

It’s hard to find meaning in a life you don’t enjoy. It takes a lot of discipline to change it and steer it towards something you do like. Finding those pockets of escapism helps along the way. One of the things that keeps me going is trying to be the best version of myself. Trying to keep up with health while still enjoying myself, wearing outfits that make me feel confident without breaking the bank, and continuously finding the best beauty products to help my skin and hair.

Work is one of those unavoidable situations where it’s hard to find motivation to dress nicely. But I’ve found that if you let yourself go at work and don’t at least dress up for yourself, your attitude will follow. You will feel less than what you are. You will perform less than your potential. Your confidence is more likely to sway and start a spiral of depression. It sounds silly, but dressing up for yourself is important. You have to make yourself understand that you are worth it, you are successful, and you deserve to show up looking the best that you are.

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive outfit, or the most done-up makeup. But what it does have to be is genuinely what makes you happy, within dress code of course. I see a lot of offices going to a casual office dress code, and so many women letting themselves wear just a printed t-shirt. If you work in an office, don’t lose yourself in the routine. Take time to take care of yourself. Take time to treat yourself. And most of all, don’t let it take away your confidence.



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Following Forever 21 into My Adulthood








OOTD: Dress – Forever 21 | Cardigan – Forever 21 | Bag- London Fog | Shoes – Lifestride




I was a small town girl, whether I like to believe it or not. I grew up half in Colorado Springs, CO, and half in Camp Hill, PA, just outside Harrisburg. I was always interested in cute but elegant fashion, but it seemed that we just didn’t have that style there in PA. I was a tween – just between the age of a kid and a teenager – and I found out the local mall was building a Forever 21 store.

Forever 21 was started in Los Angeles by two Korean Americans, Chang and Chang in 1984. It was originally started as a target to Korean Americans, and I think that is why I was very drawn to it. The styles are cute, but not childish. They have a huge selection of Asian-styled cute clothing, and many floral prints.

Forever 21 was since then my favorite store. It is affordable, cute, and best of all, has the widest variety of clothes of any other stores. I am now 25 years old, and still shopping there. This cute dress I have on today is an example of how they can make clothes very wearable, but still cute. It’s not a hassle to wear, like some clothes. The versatility is endless.

Over the past year of this blog, I have featured so many things from Forever 21, and it is because truly, they fit my way of life. It’s for the lazy girl who wants to still look put together. Perfect for an INFP!

This Columbus day, they are having some great deals through 10/10/16, and a BOGO sale ending on 10/9/16, which I will be sure not to miss! If you love Forever 21, be sure to check out their holiday sales, starting on 10/5/16!
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OOTD: When the City Makes You Rude

img_5837 img_5840 img_5842 img_5844 img_5846

OOTD: Dress & cardigan – Forever 21 | Bag – Zara | Shoes – White Mt. | Watch – Apple

MOTD: Foundation – Urban Decay | Setting Powder – Tony Moly | Blush – Benefit | Brows – Daiso | Lashes – Maybelline | Lips – Chanel




Small town girl, wishing to be a city girl, but doesn’t realize the consequences of living in a city include finding a new side of her that she didn’t know she had. This is the beginning of my bold and rude side that came out when I had lived here for a few months.

Dallas is a stretch of never-ending city. An urban sprawl. And with it comes the bold, the rude, the people who do not care.

As a small town girl, I was promised a friendly state of people, but forgot that I was moving to a city. I take back what I said before about Pennsylvanians being rude – they are rude in their own way, but city folk are definitely more rude!

So here are the top ways that I have become bolder, ruder, and more outspoken here in the city.

1.) Driving

Driving here is not for the weak, the indecisive. You must think and act quick. At first I was so angry that I was getting cut off almost every single day driving, but you get used to it and you start doing it to other people. The lane is randomly turning into a turing lane only? You have to assert yourself into the other lane! The light here is only 3 seconds long and there’s 500 people waiting? You HAVE to speed through! It’s insane learning how to drive here. I feel like I’ve become those NYC/Boston/NJ drivers that I used to despise!

2.) Speaking my mind, even when I previously would have found it not appropriate.

People are going to screw you over here. This is just how it is. In the inner city, people will harass you for money for a train ticket. You have to say no and walk away. People will treat you badly when you need an issue resolved in a store or in a customer service situation. You have to say things you didn’t want to say because sometimes, being polite isn’t going to work here. I used to be the quiet girl who didn’t want to offend anyone, but lately I’ve been surprising myself.

The “wine expert” at Central Market insults me when I ask for a particular type of wine, I automatically am rude to him. Good? No, probably not. Conditioned for this response. Yes, completely. One good thing coming out of this is my combined phone skills with now my “boldness” has gotten me what I wanted from customer service with different companies.

3.) Not caring about what people think of me.

I used to care about being polite. When someone cut me in line in a store in PA, which was rare, by the way, then I would just let them. Now because it happens SO OFTEN, I will just walk right in front of them. Because chances are they aren’t going to say anything anyway. I think the constant heat also contributes to the lack of polite people in this city during the summer. Overall, the heat makes me angry, which in turn makes me just stop caring about how people look at me because I’m too annoyed to care.


It’s not Texas that made me “rude,” but the city that did it. City living really does toughen you up, and to some my area of Dallas may not be considered a “city,” but the small town Central PA girl in me thinks that North Dallas is a city because it’s part of the urban sprawl. I think Texans are in general kind and friendly, but the mixture of heat and the constant migration of out of state people really does effect the behavior. You have to be firm and assertive to live in any city, and Dallas is no exception!

Thankfully, I can still look like a gentle and polite girl with floral dresses like this. I try my best to still keep myself well-dressed, and Forever 21 has always been my go-to for affordable and cute outfits. I’m a simple girl, ok?


Summer Dresses









OOTD: Dress – Forever 21 | Bag – DKNY | Shoes – Report




Shift dresses are a great way to hide your weight gain. But the one problem I’ve had with this one is feeling also like a drape. I started wearing a belt with it, but then it’s so short! I think really the only solution is to actually try harder to get back to my health body.

But the outfit is still cute, right? It’s floral, flowy, and perfect for this (still) hot weather. I have this reoccurring problem where I wear very summery clothes to work and then freeze to death in the A/C there. I swear its not normal. Everyone in the office is wearing jackets and blankets, yet the A/C blasting persists. Office life, I guess.

So I’ve been just praying for it to get colder, which I never thought I’d do, because then I won’t have to chose between freezing or melting. And actually this the first time in a long time where I am actually EXCITED for fall! I always hated fall and winter in PA because I had really bad seasonal depression. But here in autumn, the skies are blue and bright, but the temperatures are very reasonable. We don’t have the beautiful colors that PA has, but we do have a very temperate season that lasts quite a long time.

As for the winter, I think I’m actually excited because I hope it will be snowing in PA when I go back to visit. I miss it. But I know I wouldn’t want to live in a cold climate for a while because it gets old after about a week. The people down here who either moved here a long time ago or grew up here in Texas say they want to move up north to experience the snow, and I just laugh because I know they will get tired of it quick, just like how I’ve gotten tired of the summers here pretty quick.

x Nicoco

Office Life OOTD: Day 5/260

OOTD: Cropped sweater – Forever 21 | Dress – | Flats – Report | Bag – Calvin Klein




I just realized that all this week I wore some variation of pink. I did not plan that, I promise. I do wear other colors!! I suppose my inner “spring mood” was coming out this week. I’ve also had trouble finding where and when to take these OOTD pictures. Finally I bought a click remote, so hopefully my outfit posts will start getting better (or maybe worse…..ha!).

Crazy as I am, I think I have a binge problem now. I think at work I get so bored sometimes that I just need to eat things that are either high in sugar or high in transfats. Also, in the evenings I usually want to go out and we end up eating because this is Dallas, and all of the food is good here. Sigh

I would save so much money and fat if I could control my eating habits. Last year in 2015, I was neverrrrr hungry, so maybe my body is trying to make up for it? It’s getting terrible because even in my outfit posts you can see the weight gain. My face is fat now.

Anyway, I’m going to start with some small changes. I already once cut out sugar completely for a month, and I think I just need to demonstrate some self control. I’ll start by trying to drink more water.


The Docks in Blue


Dress – Forever 21

Cardigan – Thifted

Bag – Calvin Klein

Shoes – Jellypop




‘Ello there. I actually tried to do this shoot way back last year in July at the Outer Banks in NC, but the schedule didn’t permit us time. So randomly six months later, here I am at the Sandy Beach of Little Elm. Of course, it’s not a real beach, but it seemed like a fisherman spot. Speaking of real beaches, I’ll be at a beach this coming Friday. 

I might seem like I’m nitpicking, but you can see my weight gain in these pictures. It’s made me unhappy and I have decided to keep restraining refined sugar. I will also be limiting my wine intake to only 5 oz per day. I think that’s a pretty hard thing to do for women around my age, but I’m also sure it will be completely worth it!

Back to the outfit, I’ve decided that this is my style. My personal style might seem random when comparing what I’ve worn, but they all have one thing in common: less is better. That’s why I want to be in a warm climate. The less clothes, or at least, the most airy clothes, is always better. I can see myself running around in just swimsuit coverups. Probably should have moved to Florida! But I hear this Dallas summer is hot too. 

ღ nicoco

Waking Up

Why hello there!

TBH I decided I will not give up my Forever 21 clothes, because they are just so affordable, and they are pretty good quality compared to similar stores, like Wet Seal or Charlotte Russe. Forever 21 is no Calvin Klein or Banana Republic, but I love this sweatshirt dress I have on this morning. I actually plan on wearing this week to Austin, but I’ll be sure to dress it up more than wearing it in my futon.

Speaking of waking up and such, I just can’t nowadays. I think it’s the combo of the caffeine IV all day and the screens at night, and I know I need to at least stop to see if it helps. Sigh. I just can’t wake up lately. I can’t believe I used to get up at 4:30 AM at one point last year. That seems completely insane now, considering I’m having a really hard time getting up at 6:00 AM.

One more thing! I’ve completely my refined sugar challenge. And while I don’t think I’ll completely give up all sugar, I’ve definitely decided to keep it the way it is and to eat less sugar on a daily basis. For my post on that, read about sugar cravings here.

Hope everyone has a great week…..

ღ nicoco