Keep Austin Weird



Top – Target

Yoga Pants – Artizia

Jean Jacket – Thrifted

Bag – Calvin Klein

Sunglasses – Guess

Shoes – Coach

Coat – Forever 21




Oh Austin. The city we have been dying to see in person ever since seeing the feature on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV series. 
One of my best friends from high school traveled all the way from the North East to visit me here in Texas, and last minute we decided to turn it into a whirlwind road trip. Starting in Dallas, the closest city to us is Austin. So after a 3.5 hour drive, we made it to Austin. 
It’s definitely a quirky city. It was different than what I thought if would be; it’s not like on TV. The inner city looks like Dallas, but with a less advanced road system. The outskirts of the city are filled with artsy wall graffiti, especially near the University of Texas. The overall feel of the city is young and experimental. There are more hills and winding roads than Dallas, but as far as living, I think I prefer Dallas. The artsy district of Austin reminds me of a larger version of Deep Ellum, which is a subdistrict of Dallas. 
The absolute best part about Austin is the food. I mean, of course there is the famous Franklin BBQ, but the best food comes from the huge variety of food trucks. We have food trucks in Dallas too, but not with the same availability as Austin. Everything we ate there was superb. My favorite food was the ceviche from a teeny tiny food stand near the Uni called Ceviche. It’s a Peruvian cuisine stand that is a one man show with super fresh ingredients. My favorite experience in Austin was being at the Spider House Bar at night. 
Overall, it was a great food experience, but I still prefer Dallas to Austin. And the traffic was as bad as my Dallas friends told me it would be. I thought Dallas was bad, but it’s nothing compared to Austin!
Next time I’m coming for Franklin’s BBQ!
ღ nicoco