Dallasite: Yelp Elite Happy Hour Event at Eureka! Dallas

Yelp Dallas hosted their first restaurant event this past week. It was a happy hour at the gourmet burger joint, Eureka! in West Village Dallas. 

Eureka! is a chain that is located mainly in California, but also has a location here in Dallas. For this particular event, the menu was some of their famous starters as well as beers, wine, and their Moscow Mule.

Yelp Staff was kind as always, and it was great to see friends from Yelp and meet new people. I think the reason I love being Elite is because it forces my introverted self to go out and be social and learn new things about people I meet.

Their riblets were pretty good! 

Corn dog lollipops are a great appetizer to share with the group! The mustard sauce that came with it complimented it well.

And yes… they had brussels sprouts! They were actually really good. Kinda tricked me for a moment, made me think I was eating healthy.

Apparently these were beer fries! They were delicious and did go well with my drink.

I ordered wine the first time around and that didn’t go with any of the food, honestly. But this! This is their Moscow Mule and it went so well with everything, I wish I’d just ordered two of these!

We actually forgot to bring cash to tip the servers, so we ordered an apple crisp with ice cream, and it definitely topped off the night. It was the taste of homemade pie with ice cream. 

If you’re in the area, check out this gourmet burger joint! As you can see, they have a lot more than just burgers. I’m grateful to be a part of this event with Yelp Dallas. I was able to experience Eureka’s best! Here is their Yelp Page for reference.

Exploring Dallas Through Yelp



We’ve been in the DFW area for almost a year now, and I can say confidently, as an extreme introvert, making friends and actually getting out has been hard. I have started some great friendships through my job, but the thing that has helped us discover and connect with places and people the most here in Dallas is Yelp.

I’m sure everyone has used Yelp at some point to look up reviews, or at least has come across the website/app at some point, but it is a social media platform that lets normal people review and rate restaurants, stores and other places. The main focus of Yelp is definitely restaurants. Within Yelp, there is a community of individuals, split out by regions of the world, called the Yelp Elite.

My husband is a chef who is obsessed with reviewing and trying new places and foods. Last December, he was voted into the Yelp Elite group, and ever since I’ve stepped into that world with him, I have also been obsessed with bringing up my reviews, my food photos, check-ins, etc. It costs nothing to join, however you have to be voted in. There are events that you can attend for free to try out new restaurants or stores, and your Elite status will show as a reliable source on your reviews. And Dallas is a great place to be a Yelp Elite member.

The app helps you find some of the best and cheap places to eat. I have found a lot of my now favorite places by using Yelp. After attending the Yelp Elite events as a guest to my husband, I’ve made a few friends, and most importantly kept up my socializing skills. I am always excited to go now, as before I was nervous. I know I can hold conversations with strangers as long as we have a few things in common: we both love DFW area, we love to eat, and we want to explore more!

I’m looking to obtain Elite status for 2017, so I have treated the platform very seriously. I write reviews, I take pictures, and I do so shamelessly. I don’t care if others are staring at me taking a picture of me holding up my food item to a decorative wall. Because I want to show that I can deliver high-quality to the site. Because I care about where I live, I decided to be here. And most importantly, I want others to know about where to go when they come into town.

Consequently, my Instagram has sort of become a Foodstagram, which was not intended. And I have had to re-look at how I eat, how I can portion control, and how often I can eat out. But I think with the right balance, I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and be a Yelp Elite. #goals2017


Keep Austin Weird



Top – Target

Yoga Pants – Artizia

Jean Jacket – Thrifted

Bag – Calvin Klein

Sunglasses – Guess

Shoes – Coach

Coat – Forever 21




Oh Austin. The city we have been dying to see in person ever since seeing the feature on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV series. 
One of my best friends from high school traveled all the way from the North East to visit me here in Texas, and last minute we decided to turn it into a whirlwind road trip. Starting in Dallas, the closest city to us is Austin. So after a 3.5 hour drive, we made it to Austin. 
It’s definitely a quirky city. It was different than what I thought if would be; it’s not like on TV. The inner city looks like Dallas, but with a less advanced road system. The outskirts of the city are filled with artsy wall graffiti, especially near the University of Texas. The overall feel of the city is young and experimental. There are more hills and winding roads than Dallas, but as far as living, I think I prefer Dallas. The artsy district of Austin reminds me of a larger version of Deep Ellum, which is a subdistrict of Dallas. 
The absolute best part about Austin is the food. I mean, of course there is the famous Franklin BBQ, but the best food comes from the huge variety of food trucks. We have food trucks in Dallas too, but not with the same availability as Austin. Everything we ate there was superb. My favorite food was the ceviche from a teeny tiny food stand near the Uni called Ceviche. It’s a Peruvian cuisine stand that is a one man show with super fresh ingredients. My favorite experience in Austin was being at the Spider House Bar at night. 
Overall, it was a great food experience, but I still prefer Dallas to Austin. And the traffic was as bad as my Dallas friends told me it would be. I thought Dallas was bad, but it’s nothing compared to Austin!
Next time I’m coming for Franklin’s BBQ!
ღ nicoco