Valentine’s OOTD: Flower Among the Wilted

OOTD: Floral Dress – Forever 21 | Bag – Coach | Bracelet – Amazon | Shoes – Naturalizer

I kind of suck at being a blogger sometimes because technically, I should be providing some helpful advice about Valentine’s Day. However, I guess I’m not, because this post ends up going up practically on Valentine’s Day.

Florals are what I think of when I think of a Valentine’s Day outfit. But of course, it’s February, and while Dallas has been pretty temperate, all of the plants are still dead. So in a way, I was definitely the most colorful part of the shoot for this OOTD. Also, right now Forever 21 Valentine’s Sale is going on for 20% Off All Dresses! (2/9-2/14)

I could tell you that wearing a cute outfit and doing different make up will make your day more special, but in the end, it’s really about your mindset of your relationship. When you’re in a long-term relationship, you tend to overlook these things. Yeah, you might do romantic things together on these types of holidays, but if you think about it, you could be doing these things everyday. And before, at one point, maybe you were doing these things everyday.

It’s the honeymoon phase. You are conscious of the work you need to put into the relationship to win your significant other over. You are infatuated with the other person. You do absolutely everything together.

And for me personally, my husband and I were in a pretty long honeymoon phase. I’m sure people assumed once things cooled down we would be divorced since we were married young. And marriage is a challenge….but what I’ve noticed is that the love evolves.

It starts out as a crush, right? Then an infatuation. Then as time goes by, years pass and the love ferments, like a good wine, into something deeper, richer, and more like a family element that you don’t have in the beginning. You are in love with every part of them, but more now so in a way that you would show it in subtle ways. Love is now doing the dishes, canceling a work meeting to be with them, decorating a plate of food for them before it’s served. It’s staying up late talking them through their problems, learning to accept their faults, changing yourself to become a better person for them. Learning how to inspire each other.

And if you are single on Valentine’s Day, just be comfortable in your own skin, knowing that you are working on yourself. I think even for people in relationships, that is good to remember. If you’re not good to yourself, you won’t be able to make someone else as happy as you could.

I guess that could translate into dressing yourself well, couldn’t it? So dress well, eat well, and spark your confidence, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Happy Love Day!



OOTD: I’m (Not) Hungry












Graphic Tee – Women Who Love Wine | Denim Chambray – Fiore | Skirt- American Eagle | Boots – Forever 21 | Purse – Calvin Klein | Gold Choker – Charmed Coast Jewelry


After having an absolutely delicious brunch at the Maple Leaf Diner in North Dallas, a great recommendation from Best Food Dallas, I feel that it is only appropriate to show off this outfit I wore today. This t-shirt describes my daily struggle between wanting to eat good food and trying to stay healthy. I’ve come to find that some sort of moderation is the key to it, but still, living in Dallas, it’s pretty hard to resist the temptations.

I love the Women Who Love Wine online shop because they have so many relatable tops. I can totally agree with some of their newest shirts that read “Married to Mimosas,” “Kitties and Cabernet.” Their Instagram page  is also a great place to find new memes, so that’s always a plus. Their sizes do run small, IMO, because I ordered a small and ended up exchanging it for a large, but I was so grateful the shop owners were very helpful and speedy with that process. 

I paired this t-shirt with a floral skirt, and a denim chambray, because denim + florals = perfect combo. And I’m attempting to wear these Forever 21 ankle boots even though its still 80 degrees out today, which is sadly the lowest temperature it’s been lately. It’s like a never ending summer, which is actually quite annoying because now how am I supposed to show off my cute earmuffs or my gigantic wooly scarf?!

Anyone living in a warm climate, what do you do when the rest of the world is moving into cute parkas, furry boots, yoga pants, leg warmers, and posting pictures of selfies with hot chocolate, leaves and barren trees? I never thought I’d be feeling left out, but here I am trying to wear boots in 80 degrees. #TexasProbs

Wishing y’all a great week…. and a temperate one, too!

xo Nicoco

Gardens and Florals | OOTD


OOTD: Dress – Zara Kids (Similar dress) | Yoga pants – Artizia | Purse – London Fog | Boots – Forever21 | Hair – Styled by Paul Mitchell school of Dallas
The weather here is cray. It’s literally winter in the morning and then summer in the afternoon. So my outfits have been terribly off nowadays. However, today I had the right combination of sheer leggings with a short dress. The dress was actually a Zara Kids eleven year old dress, and the thing that makes it hard to wear by itself is the chest area. I did not think about that when I bought it; I only had cocky thoughts about how I can get cheaper prices by shopping in the kids section online. The chest part makes it impossible for me to wear without something underneath. I did purchase a skirt from Zara kids that’s for a fourteen year old, and it fits perfectly, so I think I just needed to get that dress in the bigger size. 

The farmers market here is really nice and has a huge selection of plants, cacti, and food. I’m sure my gardener mom would love this place. 

In other news, I’ve been challenged to go on a 21 day fast from something I love. And I absolutely love refined sugar. So I’m starting a cold turkey cut of refined sugar starting on Monday, February 1, 2016. To prepare, I’ve been doing the opposite of what I should be doing (slowly weening myself off): eating tons of sweets, drinking soda, juice and sweet wines. It’s going to be so bad on Monday!!

Anyway, hope y’all survive the winter. I know I will this year!