Dallasite: Yelp Elite Happy Hour Event at Eureka! Dallas

Yelp Dallas hosted their first restaurant event this past week. It was a happy hour at the gourmet burger joint, Eureka! in West Village Dallas. 

Eureka! is a chain that is located mainly in California, but also has a location here in Dallas. For this particular event, the menu was some of their famous starters as well as beers, wine, and their Moscow Mule.

Yelp Staff was kind as always, and it was great to see friends from Yelp and meet new people. I think the reason I love being Elite is because it forces my introverted self to go out and be social and learn new things about people I meet.

Their riblets were pretty good! 

Corn dog lollipops are a great appetizer to share with the group! The mustard sauce that came with it complimented it well.

And yes… they had brussels sprouts! They were actually really good. Kinda tricked me for a moment, made me think I was eating healthy.

Apparently these were beer fries! They were delicious and did go well with my drink.

I ordered wine the first time around and that didn’t go with any of the food, honestly. But this! This is their Moscow Mule and it went so well with everything, I wish I’d just ordered two of these!

We actually forgot to bring cash to tip the servers, so we ordered an apple crisp with ice cream, and it definitely topped off the night. It was the taste of homemade pie with ice cream. 

If you’re in the area, check out this gourmet burger joint! As you can see, they have a lot more than just burgers. I’m grateful to be a part of this event with Yelp Dallas. I was able to experience Eureka’s best! Here is their Yelp Page for reference.

Oversized Sweater Weather

OOTD: Taupe Oversized Sweater – H&M | Velvet Skirt – Zara Kids | Boots – A.N.A. | Crossbody Nude Purse – Coach

The weather has been grey and rainy, but with this oversized sweater, I’m prepared to stay cozy! I think this looks a little schoolgirl again… maybe I have an obsession? This H&M sweater was actually a last deal steal, but here is a similar version here. Oversized clothing is great because you can layer it with other pieces, but it’s also a win for me because I’m still not at my fit version of myself… so it can hide a lot! Do I have a pot belly under this sweater? Maybe. Am I wearing a shirt underneath it? Who knows.

It’s hard to stay on top of the “winter” trends here in Dallas because the weather is constantly switching between spring and winter lately. Yesterday I walked out of my house in a full on winter outfit complete with boots to find it was 70 degrees outside. Today I walked out in flats and it was back into winter mode and I tearfully regretted my outfit decisions all day at the office while wrapped up in a blanket. 

Either way, I’m going to keep wearing the sweaters until it’s too hot, because they really help me stay comfortable!


Dallasite: MiniLux Highland Park Yelp Elite Event

Yelp Dallas has started their 2017 Elite events! There was actually an event before this, but I couldn’t attend due to a clash in schedules. This particular event was at Minluxe in Highland Park, Dallas, TX.

Miniluxe is a high-end nail and waxing salon, first starting in Boston, MA. In recent years they have expanded and there are five locations in the Dallas area so far. 

Miniluxe sets themselves apart from the usual market by being extremely sterile. Everything used on customers are sanitized using advanced techniques in their Clean Lab. They are also very customer service oriented and go out of their way to make each guest feel at home. 

At the Yelp Elite Event, they were offering color refreshes on nails and toes, facial waxes, and massages. Since I have on Nexgen nails, I couldn’t take advantage of their nail services, but I did do my first ever eyebrow wax, and now I’m not sure if I can go on without doing it again (pictures will come in later posts… muahaha). I’m considering having my Nexgen removed and having a Miniluxe manicure. The true test to see if I have cured my dermatophagia. If you’re not familiar with dermatophagia, please check out my article on it published on The Mighty.

Overall, it was a great way to kick off 2017 Yelp Dallas, and I can’t wait to visit the Miniluxe Salon in my area of Dallas.


OOTD: When the City Makes You Rude

img_5837 img_5840 img_5842 img_5844 img_5846

OOTD: Dress & cardigan – Forever 21 | Bag – Zara | Shoes – White Mt. | Watch – Apple

MOTD: Foundation – Urban Decay | Setting Powder – Tony Moly | Blush – Benefit | Brows – Daiso | Lashes – Maybelline | Lips – Chanel




Small town girl, wishing to be a city girl, but doesn’t realize the consequences of living in a city include finding a new side of her that she didn’t know she had. This is the beginning of my bold and rude side that came out when I had lived here for a few months.

Dallas is a stretch of never-ending city. An urban sprawl. And with it comes the bold, the rude, the people who do not care.

As a small town girl, I was promised a friendly state of people, but forgot that I was moving to a city. I take back what I said before about Pennsylvanians being rude – they are rude in their own way, but city folk are definitely more rude!

So here are the top ways that I have become bolder, ruder, and more outspoken here in the city.

1.) Driving

Driving here is not for the weak, the indecisive. You must think and act quick. At first I was so angry that I was getting cut off almost every single day driving, but you get used to it and you start doing it to other people. The lane is randomly turning into a turing lane only? You have to assert yourself into the other lane! The light here is only 3 seconds long and there’s 500 people waiting? You HAVE to speed through! It’s insane learning how to drive here. I feel like I’ve become those NYC/Boston/NJ drivers that I used to despise!

2.) Speaking my mind, even when I previously would have found it not appropriate.

People are going to screw you over here. This is just how it is. In the inner city, people will harass you for money for a train ticket. You have to say no and walk away. People will treat you badly when you need an issue resolved in a store or in a customer service situation. You have to say things you didn’t want to say because sometimes, being polite isn’t going to work here. I used to be the quiet girl who didn’t want to offend anyone, but lately I’ve been surprising myself.

The “wine expert” at Central Market insults me when I ask for a particular type of wine, I automatically am rude to him. Good? No, probably not. Conditioned for this response. Yes, completely. One good thing coming out of this is my combined phone skills with now my “boldness” has gotten me what I wanted from customer service with different companies.

3.) Not caring about what people think of me.

I used to care about being polite. When someone cut me in line in a store in PA, which was rare, by the way, then I would just let them. Now because it happens SO OFTEN, I will just walk right in front of them. Because chances are they aren’t going to say anything anyway. I think the constant heat also contributes to the lack of polite people in this city during the summer. Overall, the heat makes me angry, which in turn makes me just stop caring about how people look at me because I’m too annoyed to care.


It’s not Texas that made me “rude,” but the city that did it. City living really does toughen you up, and to some my area of Dallas may not be considered a “city,” but the small town Central PA girl in me thinks that North Dallas is a city because it’s part of the urban sprawl. I think Texans are in general kind and friendly, but the mixture of heat and the constant migration of out of state people really does effect the behavior. You have to be firm and assertive to live in any city, and Dallas is no exception!

Thankfully, I can still look like a gentle and polite girl with floral dresses like this. I try my best to still keep myself well-dressed, and Forever 21 has always been my go-to for affordable and cute outfits. I’m a simple girl, ok?


Exploring Dallas Through Yelp



We’ve been in the DFW area for almost a year now, and I can say confidently, as an extreme introvert, making friends and actually getting out has been hard. I have started some great friendships through my job, but the thing that has helped us discover and connect with places and people the most here in Dallas is Yelp.

I’m sure everyone has used Yelp at some point to look up reviews, or at least has come across the website/app at some point, but it is a social media platform that lets normal people review and rate restaurants, stores and other places. The main focus of Yelp is definitely restaurants. Within Yelp, there is a community of individuals, split out by regions of the world, called the Yelp Elite.

My husband is a chef who is obsessed with reviewing and trying new places and foods. Last December, he was voted into the Yelp Elite group, and ever since I’ve stepped into that world with him, I have also been obsessed with bringing up my reviews, my food photos, check-ins, etc. It costs nothing to join, however you have to be voted in. There are events that you can attend for free to try out new restaurants or stores, and your Elite status will show as a reliable source on your reviews. And Dallas is a great place to be a Yelp Elite member.

The app helps you find some of the best and cheap places to eat. I have found a lot of my now favorite places by using Yelp. After attending the Yelp Elite events as a guest to my husband, I’ve made a few friends, and most importantly kept up my socializing skills. I am always excited to go now, as before I was nervous. I know I can hold conversations with strangers as long as we have a few things in common: we both love DFW area, we love to eat, and we want to explore more!

I’m looking to obtain Elite status for 2017, so I have treated the platform very seriously. I write reviews, I take pictures, and I do so shamelessly. I don’t care if others are staring at me taking a picture of me holding up my food item to a decorative wall. Because I want to show that I can deliver high-quality to the site. Because I care about where I live, I decided to be here. And most importantly, I want others to know about where to go when they come into town.

Consequently, my Instagram has sort of become a Foodstagram, which was not intended. And I have had to re-look at how I eat, how I can portion control, and how often I can eat out. But I think with the right balance, I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and be a Yelp Elite. #goals2017



[Top] H&M

[Pants] Forever21

[Cardigan] Mudd

[Shoes] Jellypop

[Bag] London Fog




The weather was nice enough to bring out the open-toe heels again. I’m glad because when it comes to shoes, I’m really lacking in variety of them. I basically have one pair of each type of shoe, and that’s it. It’s good for minimalism, but not great for showing on a blog, I suppose. 

I really like this simple outfit. It’s comfortable but can be dressy. As for my cray hair, it seems to follow the wind, so excuse my messy hair. 

An exciting thing is finally happening soon: one of my best friends is traveling from the Northeast to Dallas, and she, my husband and I will be driving to Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. I haven’t seen her in a while, so I’m happy that she’ll be coming. Corpus Christi was my ironical moving target, so I’m anxious to see what it’s really like in person. Who knows, maybe I’ll be moving again in a few months? 😉


Zenna Thai and Japanese | Review

On Friday nights, nowadays I just stay in and sulk about not having anything to do. I try to stay in the other nights, but Friday night just seems like I should be out doing something. For an introvert, I do like to put myself in crowds and then hide in the sea of bodies. But every bar or club is expensive and frankly, not worth the experience. Maybe it would be more fun if I were a young 21 year old single girl, but I’m not. And so most Friday nights I spend drinking at home.

But recently we found a great hang out spot here in North Dallas called Zenna. We had been to the location in Plano, Texas, but it was alright. But the location here in Carrollton is awesome! Like all of the Zenna locations, they have an everyday happy hour from 3 PM to 7 PM. The happy hour includes many food items as well as pretty much all of the drinks. I got a glass of wine for $3 and a long island iced tea (a strong one!) for only $3 as well. The quality is good, and they don’t skimp on the alcohol in their mixed drinks.

The happy hour food menu is great because they have a variety of Thai and Japanese appetizer-sized dishes that you can choose. Each one is between $1 to $5.  Based on past experience, I would say to order mostly Thai food because the Thai dishes were significantly better than the Japanese dishes.


Above is the spicy tamarind wings. You get 5 pieces for $4.50.

Their tom kha was delicious. This was actually on the regular menu, but it was also affordable at price of $5.


You must get the chicken satay here. It’s not completely authentic, but it tastes great, so who cares? And it’s only $3!
Zenna For dessert, we ordered the Thai mango and sticky rice. It was a great end to the many things we ordered that night.

The atmosphere was a real deciding factor because they somehow manage to keep it looking upscale with modern decor, while keeping the aura casual with TV’s around showing the sports games. We went on a Sunday night, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves while watching the football game.

It’s well worth visiting if you’re in the area, and at least now I have something to do on a Friday night, even if I do come home earlier than a party girl would. Besides, I’m getting too old for keeping up with that life.


Are Dallas Women Immune to the Cold?

I’ve come to a conclusion: the girls here in Dallas are either immune to the cold, or are willing to sacrifice being cold for fashion. Seriously, I know I can’t complain because last time this year I was bundling myself up for the -10 F weather, but it’s still cold. I mean, mid 30’s is cold to me anyway. Or maybe I just never saw many girls in PA running around in shorts, skirts, and flimsy cardigans in place of winter coats in 40 F or below weather. Right now it’s 37 F, and if I were going outside, I’d be wearing a heavy winter coat, the same coat I would wear with extra layers beneath in -10 F weather. Every time I step outside and the wind is blow, I silently question myself on my decision to not move to Corpus Christi. I’m hoping the summer will make up for this cold.

I come out of the Korean Fried Chicken restaurant in Farmer’s Branch last night, which was pretty bad by the way, and I see a group of girls around my age wearing shorts or skirts, light trench jackets, and no hats/scarves/gloves. The wind was damn cold, and I was wearing a winter coat, sweatpants, and a scarf. It’s not fun feeling like a potato, but I’m just always cold.

Then the other day we were at one of the six malls in this area, and there were girls wearing shorts and short-sleeved shorts. It had to be below 40 F degrees outside.

Even my friends here don’t seem to wear winter coats. Why am I so cold?

I like to think that I really did suck it up last year and live with being cold, because I remember still going out in the extremely low temperatures, still walking around outside at work, and not heating my apartment even when it was below 0 F outside. But apparently the women here have tougher skin.

Winter in Texas | OOTD

Winter is usually portrayed as a dark, cold season. One where the darkness is only beautiful when snow flurries are sparkling in the frigid wind and you’re safe inside, curled up by the heater or fire place. It’s hot cocoa, cozy socks, and hearty soup. But then there’s also the ugly side of winter that brings wind so sharp that it cuts through your bare skin, depression from the cold, avoidance of the outside, even when the sun is out, long lonely nights, and scalding hot showers at the end of each day, which ironically become the best part of it.

It’s been an unusually warm winter, even for Dallas, Texas, but the locals say that it only means the ice storm will be worse. You see, here they have one or two major ice storms per winter. And they shut down everything when that day comes. It’s comical, considering I almost killed myself getting to work in the past few years in Pennsylvania. An ice storm would not qualify as a day off in PA. Partially because PA is prepared for bad winters, and partially because it’s just not the worst thing that can happen in winter in PA. I am hoping there will only be one bad ice storm here. I can deal with that.

Winter in Texas

With that being said, it’s two days until Christmas and I’m outside in this outfit.

IMG_9390 IMG_9380 IMG_9389 IMG_9388 IMG_9387 winter in texas

OOTD: Forever21, Calvin Klein

I know, it’s going to get colder in January and February. But who knew I’d be able to wear summer dresses in winter?

This winter, into the next year, I’m going to be working on having more diverse styles, reviews, and writing here. I can’t wait to explore, style and write for the new year! So much has happened this past year, and I know it will only get better from here. At least, I hope it will.

With winter passing into Texas, I pray it will be quick and painless.


Autumn Fashion: When You Have Only Summer Clothes

Autumn fashion is proving to be difficult for me.

As you might know, I love summer…..

autumn fashion IMG_9008 IMG_9009 IMG_9010 IMG_9011 IMG_9012 IMG_9013 IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9016 IMG_9017

OOTD: Dress and top – Forever21 | Boots – A.N.A. | Coat – ESPIRIT Outerwear | Bag – Calvin Klein

Thank goodness for the new trend in Autumn fashion this year: restyling summer dresses into fall pieces using a sweater. Basically, all you do is you take one of your nice, flowy, possibly flowery, summer dresses and you layer it under a sweater. It actually works better if you wear an oversized sweater, but as you can see here, I wore a cropped sweater and it worked just as well. It’s cute and helps us summer people find uses for our summer dresses. Pair it with boots and a coat, and you’re good to go!

Autumn fashion is such a pain for me because I don’t like layering with coats and I just don’t like wearing too much clothes and being cold in general, but I’m learning. I’m sure there are more tricks to using summer clothes as winter/autumn clothes – when I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share it! The struggle is real!