After much thought about what I wanted to do with my writing, I’ve returned. I was having a hiatus every few weeks because I had become unsure with what community I was diving into. I wanted to be in the fashion community, but the more I saw, the more I found myself hesitant to go deeper.
I have been writing on this blog for about two years, but recently early this year, I noticed my heart wasn’t in my writing anymore. I want to attempt to salvage this because my blog is my life. I wasn’t meant to write only about clothes, sales, and where to buy things. I do love reading those types of blogs because I want to know for myself, but I honestly don’t have a talent in shopping for good deals, or even pairing different pieces of clothing together! And I’m tired of pretending like I am. I don’t want to be mediocre in my writing; I want to write from my heart, because that’s how I can touch others.


In this industry, most of us go with trends. I also went with trends, at least in clothing and beauty. But I want to come out and speak about the truth finally. Not only in fashion and beauty, but also in the ever growing feminist undertone that seems to be creeping into the fashion and beauty industry. The social issues that impact the blogsphere are important because blogs and social media are some of the main drivers of opinion in today’s media. Most of the things I own I bought after discovering them from a blogger/vlogger or social media. And until recently, I also swallowed all of the lies fed to me about culture from the prominent figures in the blogsphere and social media. I want to turn away from the trends and find true and simple beauty in life.
I am still a dreamer. I still spend most of my time thinking about life. But I have changed my mind on a lot of things I thought I understood. I have been “red-pilled,” as they call it. I want to continue with my fashion and beauty posts, but also write a token story or topic linked to each one. Many people have told me to do beauty tutorials, but I rarely change my make up, even in photoshoots. The only thing I really change sometimes is the lipstick, because I was absolutely obsessed with finding the perfect lipsticks, but even now, I have found my go-to colors and I don’t think I’ll be buying new ones anytime soon. And I have tried so hard to write about only fashion, but I am just not excited enough to write something meaningful. I want to find purpose again in my writing. Because without it, how can anyone find value in the writing?
I want to dive deeper into some topics that I already write about, like beauty, fashion, self confidence, and healthy lifestyle practices. But I also want to explore new topics that interconnect with these, such as what feminism has become, how to reform the body positivity movement, race tensions and how it relates to the fashion/beauty industry, and how politics and culture are shaping our world today. As current events shape our culture, I want to give my take on what is happening, how we can preserve the parts that are slipping away, and how to adapt to the future.
While we live in a world full of deceit, it seems that we are always searching for genuine people. Hopefully you’ll follow me on my journey to becoming a better writer as well as a better person.

XO Nicoco

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Being Open-Minded?

open minded

My younger sister recently asked me what it means to be open-minded and if I was open-minded. It answered her, but it took a few moments for me to really think about what that means.

Open-minded to me means not judging people based on the information you have on them without knowing them as a person. I think it also means not having negative feelings about them based on that information. An open-minded person focuses on themselves, doesn’t get too involved in other people’s problems. They are not overly assertive about their opinions on controversial issues such as gay marriage, abortion, racism, or politics. They don’t treat people better or worse based on those people’s opinions on those issues, and they are open to learning about other cultures. They are not picky about food when eating and are willing to try new things without complaining about it. They are educated in the psychology of people and they try to see people for who they are.

Now, I’m not going to lie here. I’m not completely open-minded. I have strong opinions on certain issues. But when I think about it, it’s not even worth voicing my opinions. People just assume you’re an asshole when you do that sort of thing. They may not say it, but they always think it. I’d rather not stir up anything.

Yes, I like to share things on social media and I like to be a cam whore on Instagram. But I’d rather not tell anyone what my opinions are on anything. It never brings any good. I previously thought about just putting out everything on here, and it was published for about .02 seconds before I regretted it and deleted it. Just not worth it.

My general take on this is…. I don’t care what you do or what you do until it directly affects me. I might not agree with you, but I’m not going to treat you any better or worse.

One thing that does bother me quite a lot. I am okay with people trying food and not liking it, but don’t tell me you don’t like it before you’ve even tried it! But I might be a bit crazy off the deep end with this because I will probably try anything once. I’ve eaten raw beef with the blood and I’ve eaten shrimp that were still alive. Hey, I might even eat a spider leg if it were grilled or something.

I digress.

Anyway, I wouldn’t consider myself completely open-minded, but I do think I try. And that’s good enough.

Having a Balance with Food: Introduction to Series

“Vivre de pain, d’amour, et d’eau fraîche.”

For a year now, I’ve been actively trying to understand food and the food industry. I’ve come to understand that America’s food industry is full of lies and hidden ingredients. I’ve come to know that it’s harder to eat real food, and it is the reason why we are so unhealthy. But I’ve also been through the struggles of trying to balance food in such a way that it doesn’t taste bad, break the bank or become completely unhealthy. It’s not a change of diet; it’s a change of lifestyle and mindset. I think that’s why it’s so hard for many of us to change our habits. We have to understand that it’s a mindset.

After reading Vani Hari’s book, The Foodbabe Way, and Mireille Guiliano’s book, French Women Don’t Get Fat, and watching endless videos on clean eating and healthy lifestyle, these are the ten things I think everyone can do to help nourish themselves without becoming complicated. Changes that can easily be implemented. 

The next ten posts will be a series of tips and tricks everyone can use to bring balance to their diet and become friends with food again. 

In addition, I will be keeping a daily food diary of what I eat just so I can actually get a picture of what my diet looks like. No restrictions of calorie counting. Just transcripting:

A Chef's Thoughts

There is a difference between eating to survive and eating to live. A man forages for herbs and vegetables and hunts for game and any type of protein he can get his hands on. After gathering and hunting, he starts a fire and slowly roasts the freshly killed meat after rubbing it with the herbs and twining it with the seasonal vegetables. He enjoys the juicy sensation of flavor that fills his mouth as he consumes his dinner under the starry summer night. He has not just made himself food for the purpose of nourishing his physical being; he has also created a meal for the joy of eating. This is eating to live. If there is one thing that will bind people together, something that can create a sense of peace where every human race can live together, and a weapon vital to ending conflicts, it is food.  The skill of cooking delicious food is something that shapes a culture, molds the individual, and creates an understanding within conflict. 

When a civilization begins to view food as an art rather than just a necessity, this is when the culture begins to thrive. It essentially indicates time can be dedicated to experimenting with food instead of spending that time finding it. Depending on the location, methods of growing, the livestock, and resources available, the society begins to shape itself into a specific style of cuisine. Eating food in a different country can help one understand the everyday life of the people. For example, sushi in Japan is something that can truly only be experienced in Japan. The freshness of the just-sliced raw fish combined with a light brush of soy sauce and eaten with fluffy Japanese rice is unique to the culture. The country is a water-locked island, so their main protein is fish. Their staple crops are soy and rice. When combined, the story can be felt through the taste in the dish. 
The expression of food also defines the individual. When a mother puts her soul into making a home-cooked meal for her children because she genuinely wants to give them the best of what she has, this is not food; this is love. One can taste the emotions of the cook within the dish, and this is why so many people are in love with their mother’s cooking, no matter how it compares to others. It is the family’s cooking that really impacts the individual’s culinary experience. To visualize, many Pennsylvania Dutch parents raised their children with meat and potato dishes, and many of these people are less keen to try something spontaneous, such as Indian curry. The parent’s cooking becomes the child’s pallet. 
Food is the reminder that everyone, even enemies, are human at the core. There is nothing more human than a man who can put down his gun to sit down at a cafe and enjoy the simple pleasure of an expresso. A meal shared between can be the event that stops the conflict. When people are in a relaxed atmosphere sharing a meal together, the civilized conversation has a chance to blossom. When people can co-exist peacefully, even if for a moment, one realizes the value of every human life. Everyone finds joy in eating something delicious. Sharing food creates a mutual understanding between one another. 

Food is not just the fuel that helps one survive. It is communication, culture and expression. It can mean something different to everyone. When good food is cooked, it is human nature to want to share it with the world. No matter the ingredients, if one has passion to live, the food will be good.