Dallasite: MiniLux Highland Park Yelp Elite Event

Yelp Dallas has started their 2017 Elite events! There was actually an event before this, but I couldn’t attend due to a clash in schedules. This particular event was at Minluxe in Highland Park, Dallas, TX.

Miniluxe is a high-end nail and waxing salon, first starting in Boston, MA. In recent years they have expanded and there are five locations in the Dallas area so far. 

Miniluxe sets themselves apart from the usual market by being extremely sterile. Everything used on customers are sanitized using advanced techniques in their Clean Lab. They are also very customer service oriented and go out of their way to make each guest feel at home. 

At the Yelp Elite Event, they were offering color refreshes on nails and toes, facial waxes, and massages. Since I have on Nexgen nails, I couldn’t take advantage of their nail services, but I did do my first ever eyebrow wax, and now I’m not sure if I can go on without doing it again (pictures will come in later posts… muahaha). I’m considering having my Nexgen removed and having a Miniluxe manicure. The true test to see if I have cured my dermatophagia. If you’re not familiar with dermatophagia, please check out my article on it published on The Mighty.

Overall, it was a great way to kick off 2017 Yelp Dallas, and I can’t wait to visit the Miniluxe Salon in my area of Dallas.


OOTD: What is Home?

Coat – Urban Republic || Top – Forever 21 || Necklace – Target || Bag – DKNY

Where is home? I think I’ve found the answer now, at least for me. It’s like the distance of blue. Something you only recognize when you’re in the absence of it. When you’re living your life in your everyday routine, you don’t think about it. It’s only when you leave that you realize what you believe is home.

It’s complicated when you think of several places as home. Because how long do you have to be there to think of that location as home? Sometimes it’s only a few days because everything just clicks. But sometimes you can live somewhere for years and never feel at home. It’s hard to understand, but home is in the mindset more than in memories.

Some people say home is where the people you love are residing. But I don’t think that’s always true. It’s where you feel comfortable regardless of who is there. The human element of home is a big part, but also being able to be ok alone is important. Because nothing is guaranteed and just because you have memories so where doesn’t mean you’re required to tie that location to your sense of “home.”

I actually think that if we could overcome the attachment to the human aspect and maybe just the living aspect of home we would travel more. We would make more sacrifices to travel more because we would know that we wouldn’t be leaving anything behind, but rather taking something back, something that would remain a piece of us forever.

Going back to what once was my only home this past week was hard for me. I put on the fuzzy coat, stepped out into the cold air after being on a plane for the first time in five years, and faced my past. It was weird being back, but it made me appreciate my past as well as what I have now that I’ve moved away.

xo Nicoco


Simple Pleasures


Sweatshirt from Rue21
The past weekend was a little chilly so I stayed conservative and dressed in comfy clothes the whole weekend. 

We went out on Saturday morning to eat brunch at this little Cuban Bakery in the center of Carrollton, and that happened to be the same day as the Carrollton Jazz Festival! So we spent our morning eating Cuban food and listening to some live jazz in the park. 


Graphic Tee from www.wish.com
Then, today we went on our way to adopt a kitty!

We felt that due to the many recent changes, we should be ready to handle a pet. Didn’t know it would be this exhausting. 

Her name is Missha, and she’s pretty easy going except that she’s still keeping us up at night because she’s not used to the environment yet. 

One thing she has made me realize is the importance of cleaning on a daily basis. I’ve been studying cleaning and tidying and since we adopted her, I’ve been obsessed with keeping the house clean. I guess I had to be forced to adult someday. 

I hope this coming week will be a great one, and I pray that each day will be fufilling for everyone.


Hidden Paths


How’s everyone been?
I wanted to tell you today about the experience I had in San Antonio. I couldn’t do an outfit post about it because it was night and also I went there in literally jeans and a sweatshirt. We had been in Austin all day at that point, so we didn’t really care about dressing up. 

It’s like stepping into another world there. The river walk was much further down below the street than I had imagined, and there was so much foliage covering the side of the path. The architecture was Spanish- Mexican (think Southern California), and the buildings around the river walk were mostly white and beige. Vines grew across the walls, palm trees inhabited the whole walk, and the quiet hum of chatter from the restaurants along the river walk filled the air. The dim lights illuminated the path as we walked further into the parts of the path away from the shops. 

We explored the river walk in awe of how different it was from any place we had been to in Texas so far. And after a long debate on where to grab some drinks, we decided to follow a narrow stairway covered in vines to a tavern called the Esquire Tavern. Although it looked quite mysterious on the way up, it was bustling with business inside. According to Yelp, it’s a very popular hang out place in San Antonio. But it was also the perfect little place to get some mojitos and margaritas. 

In all, the night is what you could call “magical,” and I feel like I need to come back for more than just one night to experience the true San Antonio. 

Deepest Blue






Day 1 OOTD:

Top and jeans – Forever 21

Bag – Calvin Klein

Shoes – Dollhouse

Day 2 OOTD:

Dress – Forver 21

Shoes – Coach




Vermillion by Maduk. That was my Corpus Christi song when we decided to move there last year. We had no idea what to expect, but we knew we had to see it for ourselves eventually. 
Corpus is a beach town. The wind is relentless, salt is in the air, sand is scattered. Palm trees inhabit the streets, the sun shines strong through the clouds that love so quickly through the sky. And of course, the ocean quietly captures your mind as soon as you see it’s vastness. It’s a peaceful town. It’s untouched by the rush of the cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Houston. It’s almost an oasis. Yet, it’s still in style, still up with the times. And still a Texas town. 
We explored the campus of Texas A&M University that was located on a small island off the cove, right before Padre Island. Everything was new and white, but still seemed eroded by the winds. That’s one thing that’s unavoidable in Texas: the winds. It’s because the land is so flat. And even more so in Corpus because the winds came from the ocean off the Gulf. 
The beaches were cold, so all we could do is take pictures and scatter sand all over our car. But I can tell these beaches will be super nice in April and through the autumn. They are clean, spacious and tropical. 
We spent the rest of the day exploring the area, contemplating if we could ever live here. It’s more peaceful than Dallas, but also has less resources. They had one mid-sized mall. We have six or seven huge luxury malls in the area. They have one Asian store. We have at least four well know major stores and tons of smaller ones. But what they have that we don’t is the beach. 
After visiting, I’m not sure if I could live there. I’d have to change my mindset. Dallas has spoiled me. And although I miss the salty wind and the humid air, I was glad to see the Dallas skyline the night we returned. 

Keep Austin Weird



Top – Target

Yoga Pants – Artizia

Jean Jacket – Thrifted

Bag – Calvin Klein

Sunglasses – Guess

Shoes – Coach

Coat – Forever 21




Oh Austin. The city we have been dying to see in person ever since seeing the feature on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV series. 
One of my best friends from high school traveled all the way from the North East to visit me here in Texas, and last minute we decided to turn it into a whirlwind road trip. Starting in Dallas, the closest city to us is Austin. So after a 3.5 hour drive, we made it to Austin. 
It’s definitely a quirky city. It was different than what I thought if would be; it’s not like on TV. The inner city looks like Dallas, but with a less advanced road system. The outskirts of the city are filled with artsy wall graffiti, especially near the University of Texas. The overall feel of the city is young and experimental. There are more hills and winding roads than Dallas, but as far as living, I think I prefer Dallas. The artsy district of Austin reminds me of a larger version of Deep Ellum, which is a subdistrict of Dallas. 
The absolute best part about Austin is the food. I mean, of course there is the famous Franklin BBQ, but the best food comes from the huge variety of food trucks. We have food trucks in Dallas too, but not with the same availability as Austin. Everything we ate there was superb. My favorite food was the ceviche from a teeny tiny food stand near the Uni called Ceviche. It’s a Peruvian cuisine stand that is a one man show with super fresh ingredients. My favorite experience in Austin was being at the Spider House Bar at night. 
Overall, it was a great food experience, but I still prefer Dallas to Austin. And the traffic was as bad as my Dallas friends told me it would be. I thought Dallas was bad, but it’s nothing compared to Austin!
Next time I’m coming for Franklin’s BBQ!
ღ nicoco

White Blazer


Blazer ー Vanity

Top ー Express

Jeans ー Forever 21

Shoes ー Fergie

Backpack ー Kenneth Cole



Riding public transportation, in this case, the DART train, is really the only good way to go into center city Dallas. Because if you insist on driving your car, you’ll be forced to park far away from wherever you are going, stuck going back to that parking space all day, worrying about your car, and paying more money than you need to. So using the rapid transit is the only way I go into the center city nowadays. We recently went there to see the mall during the weekday because that mall happens to be inside a building that is half Marriot hotel and half office building. Most of the stores are closed on the weekends because of the offices inside.

I wore a white cream blazer to go with all of the dark colors in my outfit, trying to balance it out.  My mom actually bought me the blazer went I was still living in PA and she was visiting the DFW area. It was really hard to pair with my outfits back then, but I think I’ve figured it out this time. And yes, the necklace is the same from the previous shoot from my emo outfit I wore at the Shops at Walden in Mechanicsburg last August. My bag actually never had a lock on it before, but I added it on there because the magnet that usually closed it had broken off and it needed something to weigh down the back so the flap would stay shut.

Hope your days are getting warmer like mine are!

ღ nicoco

Japanese Gardens

Recently, we went down to Fort Worth to see the Japanese gardens. It was like stepping into another world, which is exactly why we wanted to get away and go there. We’ve been obsessed with tea and yoga and meditation, so it kind of fit our mood. I definitely recommend anyone who is in the area to visit!

My outfit was an attempt to bring out spring. I got a lot of states as we walked through the garden, most likely because of the colorful skirt. I actually got the material for the skirt at my dad’s family reunion. One of my dad’s cousins is a missionary in India, and they bring back materials every now and then. I believe it was a large scarf when I bought it three years ago. But two years ago, I asked my mom to see it into a skirt. And I’m so glad I did! Everywhere I go, I get compliments on that skirt, and nobody else has it. I’m glad that events leading up to the skirt happened. 

I paired it with a simple basic shirt from Forever 21, mostly because it was still a bit chilly outside (and of course when afternoon hit, it became hot and I regretted it). My shoes were simple flats I acquired during my time a few years ago working for the Shoe Dept. and my bag is my trusted Calvin Klein sling bag. 
My necklace is an amulet from Thailand from my father-in-law, who is a Buddhist hermit. Every time I wear it, good things seem to happen. For example, when we went to pay the entrance fee for the garden, they waived us through and said its on them today. What’s the chances of that?
I’m used to slacking off on my fashion at the office nowadays, but when I do wear my old style outfits (form fitting), then I realize how unhappy I am with my current figure. I hate the fact that the food here is so good that I lost my self control and are pretty much the whole city when I moved here. Even wearing that shirt made me self conscious because my stomach was protruding. More motivation I suppose!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the garden and my mom’s skirt. Oh, and happy belated Valentine’s Day!

What I Learned from Moving Away from my Hometown

Moving away from your hometown for the first time is hard, but sometimes it has to be done. In my case, I thought moving away would make me happier.

I was wrong and I was right. My husband and I are happy. But there are a lot of first times again. Learning the differences between our small town and the metropolitan area, learning where and how to shop. Starting over again at new jobs, finding a different routine.

Moving Away from my Hometown

The most valuable things I learned from moving are these….

1.) My hometown will always been my hometown. Too many memories, too many people still there, and too much familiarity. It was never that bad, I just hated being trapped, not knowing for myself how I really could grow. I missed the holidays there and it really didn’t feel like Christmas this time. Because I didn’t have my family. And all of the places I will someday return to and look back with only the fond memories, because the mind will let go of the frustrating moments once time has passed.

2.) I can’t live there ever again. That time has passed. That me is gone. I would never fit in there again. And that’s not a bad thing. This way I can appreciate my hometown for the beauty that it has. I can stay connected with all of the people I care about there, while finding myself over here. It’s an amazing thing, how technology can keep us all together, even when far apart. But I know for sure, it would never be the same if I were to settle there again.

Finding yourself is hard. But the best thing to remember is that there is no time limit, and no matter where you are, you will develop into the person you are meant to be if you truly desire to do so.


Vitruvian Park | December in Dallas

I can’t believe it’s December already. This year was literally insane. I never thought I would be here by now. Especially wouldn’t have expected myself to be wandering this quiet world of lights…. Vitruvian Park in Addison, a suburb of Dallas.

vitruvian park

The pictures don’t even do it justice. You have to be there. I recommend visiting Vitruian Park if you are in the DFW area in the holiday season. The water from the rivers reflect the lights so perfectly like a mirror. Looking down into the water, you forget what is reality and what is illusion. Funny, I do that every day anyway.


There’s a little cafe up in that circle there. It’s so peaceful; there were hardly any people out, despite the fact that it wasn’t that cold (maybe 35 -40 F?), and it wasn’t that late at night either. It was like being lost in a magical forest, for lack of better descriptions. There were a bunch of high society apartment complexes around the park as well. I can’t imagine how breathtaking it must be to look down from your balcony and see this from above.


Vitruvian Park seems like it would be the perfect place to go on a first date, or propose to someone. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the spring and summer! I don’t know why, but Addison seems to have the best outdoor activities around here. It’s so encouraging that we keep finding ourselves on adventures by accident. I love it.

IMG_8889 IMG_8890

And I’ll end this with pictures of my fluffy earmuffs. Just so I don’t get caught fooling anyone, yes, these OOTD pictures were taken at the Shops at Legacy in Plano/Frisco area.